Wednesday, August 1, 2012

JBoss 7 and Maven Plugin

This days I play a lot with the latest version of JBoss Teiid (8.1.Beta2). As part of my development activity I have JBoss 7.1.1.Final running on my workstation, and I want to shorten my development cycle: modify code -> build war -> deploy. Yes, I know about JRebel, but today I want not to use it.
My project build tool is Maven, so solution is straight: use jboss-as-maven-plugin. I want to generate war file from maven and deploy it to standalone JBoss without restarting it.

Steps to follow

  • Define plugin in pom.xml. The definition below attaches to "clean" and "package" maven life cycles.
                                <configuration>                                           <ignoreMissingDeployment>


  • Optionally - create Eclipse launch configuration to execute "mvn package" or "mvn clean package".
  • Start JBoss, run launch configuration in Eclispe, check messages in your server log that new context is regustered and war file is deployed / replaced.


 What happens behind the scenes?

Usually deployed war files placed in <jboss7>/standalone/deployments folder (when standalone configuration used). After JBoss restart the war file gets deployed (new "xxxx.deployed" flag file gets created in the same folder).
In case of "jboss-as-maven-plugin" deployment, the <jboss7>/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml file gets modified: a new "<deployment>...</deployment>" added to it.
The actual deployed war file can be found now under one of the <jboss7>/standalone/data/content/ subfolders.


  1. Hi Andriy,

    Thanks for posting this. I have been searching for the exploded WAR although my WAR is deployed and I see an entry for this in standalone.xml. But in /standalone/data/content/subfolders, I just see a large encrypted file. Is JBoss encrypting the whole WAR to a file? Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

  2. JBoss does not encrypt the whole file, only changes the deployment name to some unique value. You still can rename it back and use if necessary (unzip, redeploy, etc.)


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